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Pharmacovigilance services.

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Service Category A: Pharmacovigilance Training

We train healthcare professionals, students, industry persons, corporate hospitals and others. The module includes different regulatory guidelines to implement a pharmacovigilance system in the organisation.

Service 1: Corporate Hospitals$ 1000
Service 2: University/ Pharmacy/ Nursing College$ 500
Service 3: Clinics $400
Service 4: Private Medical College$1000
Service 5: International Students$300

Service Category B: Pharmacovigilance Audit and Inspection

We do help organisation to improve their pharmacovigilance system by carry out audit and inspections. The services includes auditing the SOPs, Training, master file, backups, signal management, risk benefit analysis.

Service 1: Audit Onsite (3 days)$3000
Service 2: Audit Onsite (1 day)$1000
Service 3: Audit Remote (3 days)$1500
Service 4: Audit Remote (1 day)$800
Service 5: Onsite inspection (2 days)$2000

Service Category C : Academic Events

We do help academic institutions to organise national or international events/ conferences.

Do contact us for any further information.

Service 1: in-person conference (3 days)$5000
Service 2: in-person conference (2 days)$4000
Service 3: in-person conference (1 day)$3000
Service 4: Online events (International)$2000
Service 5: Online events (National)$1000


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