Programs Active under Global PV Society

e-PV Card

One patient- One e-PV Card

The aim of this program is to protect the patient from reoccurrence of any side effect or unexpected serious adverse event due to the suspected drugs.

Anyone across the World can apply.


  1. Applicant will receive an e-pharmacovigilance card.
  2. This. card will provides all details about patient history.
  3. It will act as a tool for self protection.
  4. The card can be presented to the physician to let him/her know about the drugs that the patient used in past and suffered from side effects.
  5. Family members can protect you from re-administration of the drug that could produce any kind of side effects.
  6. This card can is valid for life time and support to protect patient from serious unwanted side effects of drugs.
E-PV Card
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