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Indian Pharmacovigilance Conference #1

The Pharmacovigilance conference in India is going to be organised on December 24, 2021 (Friday).

Time: 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM IST

Mode: Hybrid (Both in-person and online)

Venue: IMT Pharmacy College, Puri, Odisha, India.

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Principles and Practices of Clinical Research

Welcome to the online certification programmer on Clinical research Level-1 Trainer’s Desk: Dr. Nagham Ramzi, Jordan Trainer’s Desk: Dr. Samaa Al Tabbah, Lebanon Make the payment to enroll into the course. For more information about enrollment process please contact secretary@globalpvs.com / globalpvs@gmail.com / info@marslb.com / Ph: +91 9337504500 Thank you

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GPVS and MARS successfully organized the international event on pharmacovigilance to celebrate the eve of World patient safety day on September 17, 2022. You can view the recording of the event here. Thank you

Career in Pharmacovigilance

A drug that enters the human body results in pharmacological effects. Most of the time it helps in the treatment of disease but sometimes it results in noxious and unwanted effects. This adverse unwanted effect leads to different complications in the body and is known as an adverse event. The consequences of an adverse event […]


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