Get an international recognition with our certified membership.

Consult any physician to know about the ADRs related to any drug

Free access to articles published in JPADR journal.

Free plagiarism check for your manuscripts/ Ph.D. Thesis

Share and upgrade knowledge on ADRs, Pharmacovigilance, Materiovigilance, Haemovigilance systems and Adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) in different countries.

Pharmacovigilance job alerts

Library for students on Pharmacovigilance, pharmacology and toxicology.

Free access to webinar organised by Global Pharmacovigilance Society and reduced registration fees for International/ National Conferences.

Intensive care unit (ICU) support in case of emergency.

Blood bank support in case of any emergency.

Provide a platform to meet our collaborators from international organisations.

All benefits of society as per Govt. Regulations of India*

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