Global Pharmacovigilance Society, by a team of pharmacovigilance professionals and leaders across the world. We aim to protect patients from any serious adverse event following the administration of any drug. The objective of this society is to improve patient safety as well as drug safety. We discuss the strategies to strengthen the pharmacovigilance system. We organize webinars and conferences. We publish research articles in our official journal Journal of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Research (JPADR). We provide ICU/ blood bank/blood donor support to the patient who gets affected by unwanted serious adverse drug reactions. We organize camps to create awareness among the general public for ADR Reporting. We discuss the strategies to improve the quality of dosage forms with our stakeholders who are in pharmaceutical research and development. We also provide library support to students, free manuscript publications for research scholars, Ph.D. Scholars and provide them a platform to present their research work in the international forum during our international conferences that add on a credential to their carrier. We are happy to collaborate with any organization that functions in pharmacovigilance.

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